The Perfect Vaping Gift Guide for Your Loved Ones

A lot of people get extremely indecisive when they are faced with the decision to buy a gift for their loved ones. Most people usually settle with the cookie-cutter approach of buying perfumes and watches. But a practical gift – something that comes in the use of the recipient – goes a long way in providing utility and also leaves a mark on the recipient. Gift-giving is indeed an art and a really thoughtful practice to show your care and pay your respect to your loved one.

If your loved one in question is a smoker, or an ex-smoker, then what gift could be more functional and practical than a vape device or e-liquid? Vaping is not a cheap practice or hobby, and receiving, say a new bottle of e-liquid, or a sleek vape device, is all a vaper could ask for. This blog will serve as the perfect vaping gift guide for your loved ones and is something you can always refer to when needed.

What to Gift to Someone Who Smokes?

An expensive pack of imported cigars or a vintage lighter might seem like the only viable options to gift a smoker. However, we are all aware of the effects of smoking on human health and the health consequences that come with the combustion of tobacco.

Giving your smoker friend a vape starter kit is a good way to extend care to them. You can make a card add a user guide and add information related to vaping along with your gift. Vape starter kits are extremely easy to use and handle, especially for people who have never picked up vaping. A lot of people are hesitant to pick up a vape device, just because they have never used one. So gifting them one instead will help them acclimatize themselves with vaping and also pave the way to a healthier lifestyle.

What to Gift Someone Who Has Just Started Vaping/A Newbie?

If you have a friend or loved one who has just started vaping, you could gift them a disposable vape. Disposable vapes like Power Max bars, or IVG 2400 are extremely easy to use and don’t require much prior vaping knowledge to use them. Disposable bars are extremely handy, with little to no maintenance required to run them. They don’t require refilling, as they come pre-filled with e-liquid and also give you a lot of flavour options to choose from. So in case, you know what kind of flavour option your friend prefers, you are in a win-win situation.

Other than disposable vapes, in case you know or have seen your friend using a refillable device, you can also opt for nicotine salt e-liquids as gifting options. You will be able to find a lot of nicotine salts in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths in online vape stores. But for nicotine salts, you must also know the strength of the nicotine they use.

What to Gift Someone Who Is an Advanced Vape User?

If you have a friend who is already accustomed to the ins and outs of vaping, then giving them a gift wouldn’t be complicated. You can give them an advanced mod with an adjustable/ variable power curve, higher wattage settings and support, a good interface, a dual battery etc. Or you may give them a bunch of disposable vapes if they travel frequently because disposable vapes are extremely travel-friendly.

There’s a wealth of vaping hardware you can choose from, when it comes to buying a gift for an advanced vaper. In case, you know their preferred nicotine strength, you can also gift them e-liquid from Kai’s Virgin organic e-liquid range, which is made of organic flavour concentrates and plant-based PG/VG and is completely free from artificial products.

What to Gift Someone Who Is Looking to Quit Vaping?

If you have a friend or loved one who has successfully quit smoking and is now working towards quitting vaping or lowering their nicotine intake, then the best vape gift for them is shortfill e-liquids or 100ml e-liquid bottles. With 100ml bottles, they can manually select the nicotine content they want to put in and curb their nicotine intake gradually. It is a useful tool for people looking to wean themselves off of nicotine.

CBD vapes are also extremely popular in the herb vapourizer marketplace. CBD vapes are used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes and CBD is a product derived from hemp plant. These vape pens are extremely handy for people who have trouble sleeping at night, or those who have ADHD. These pens would make a perfect gift if your friend or loved one struggles with any of those issues.

Final Note

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you find the perfect gift for your vaper friends or loved ones. We hope this brings some positivity and goodwill among you and your loved one. In case you don’t know the nicotine content or strength that your vaper friend uses, a good rule of thumb is always to get them a 100ml e-liquid bottle, because these e-liquids contain 0% nicotine, and require users to put nicotine shots in them.

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