Is Growing Technology a Threat to the Environment?

We can say that technology began around 2.5 million years ago in the Rift valley of Ethiopia when our ancestors started making stone tools. Then came the industrial revolution of the 18th century that catalysed global growth and here we are today. Technology is deeply integrated into our lives and it definitely does wonders. 

However, unsustainable technological advancement has harmed the planet in unimaginable ways. The rise in global temperature by 1.14° F every decade is evidence of increased human industrial activity. There is no doubt about the profound applications of technology but the negative side cannot be ignored.  

Is Technology Negatively Impacting the Environment? 

There are two sides to every coin, with the great benefits of technological advancements, there also comes the dark side of industrial pollution that is destroying our planet.   



Here we will discuss the deadly effects of technological development that needs attention. It is the duty of governments along with every responsible citizen to take the right steps. The goal is to save the planet from alarmingly growing technological waste and pollution 

  1. The growing carbon footprint 

Let’s start with a simple stat, research shows that annually 1 hour of mobile phone usage releases around 63 kilograms of carbon dioxide. We can only imagine the number of smartphones excessively used around the globe every year. Other than smartphones, there is much more electronic equipment contributing towards the yearly carbon emission 

Not just the usage, manufacturing of such equipment also requires massive amounts of energy. Large-scale machinery is set up in industries, servers and databanks continuously work in offices, and their usage requires energy too. Then comes the transportation of these electronics and machinery via planes or ships and again, many more tons of CO2 are released. This creates a vicious cycle of carbon emissions that never seems to end 

  1. Earth running out of natural resources 

An important issue that needs to be addressed is the mining of natural resources and excessive usage of raw materials. Using fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources on a large scale is doing nothing but harm to the ecosystem.  

The world is on the brink of running out of important resources that mother nature provided for us. It’s high time that we change the patterns and go for more sustainable ways of using technology.  

  1. Growing climate change  

All of the issues discussed above are causing global warming that is in turn changing the climate of Earth. It is not an invisible concept anymore as we have been witnessing the impacts of climate change recently. According to UNICEF, over 1 billion children are at risk of severe climate hazards. If not now, when are we planning to act? 

  1. Tons of e-waste produced 

The landfills are bulging with the waste we produce but the most dangerous waste is our redundant electronic equipment. The problem lies in the toxic chemicals present in e-waste that later pollutes the environment and harms human health. Some of these toxins such as mercury, lead and cadmium can even be lethal if consumed in high amounts  

What’s the Solution to the Growing E-waste Problem? 

Now that we know our advanced technology is dangerous for the environment in so many ways, we must look for the right solutions. Here are some recommendations to curb the growing e-waste problem that we all must try to incorporate into our lives 

  1. Usage of renewable energy resources 

With the growing technology, we have also developed ways of using renewable energy sources instead of burning away all fossil fuels. There are many options such as windmills, solar panels, hydro-power plants, geothermal energy and biogas to produce greener energy 

On an individual level, you can contribute towards a cleaner environment by using an electric vehicle. Installing solar panels at home is also a greener step towards a highly-needed change.   

  1. Restore nature to absorb more carbon  

Planting trees is the greatest favour we can do for our planet. Restoring nature and expanding greenery helps curb climate change. The photosynthesis process in plants draws carbon oxide from the environment and locks it into the soil. Some strategic tree plantation drives can be helpful in improving the ecosystem and reducing the harms of the growing use of technology.  

  1. Limit Your IT gadgets  

Do not excessively buy electronics just for the sake of upgrading. Instead, try to use your old device as long as you can and donate it after you are done using it. Buying new gadgets and throwing the old ones out pollutes the environment to a great extent. Keep a limit of maximum gadgets for yourself to avoid excessive electronics and play your part in saving the planet.  

  1. Get IT recycling services  

The most effective way of dealing with your old and redundant electronics is to consult a reliable IT recycler. Make sure to get data destruction services if you have sensitive information on the devices to stay safe from any malicious activity.  

All you need to do is to contact the IT recycling company and give them a suitable time along with your location. They will pick up the equipment for free if you have more than 20 items. Further disposal and recycling will be performed securely at their facility by professionals.  

Where to Get IT Recycling Services in the UK? 

EcoGreen IT Recycling offers secure and safe IT recycling and disposal services to process your old electronics for a greener Earth. Their additional data destruction services make the whole process completely secure. EcoGreenis a trustworthy choice as it strictly follows the WEEE directive and is registered with the Environmental Agency. 

It’s time to play your part in reducing the rapidly growing electronic waste. Recycle your old IT equipment!

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