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SIRA, or the Security Industry Regulatory Agency, is a Dubai-based government agency. It was created to govern and supervise the Emirate's security business, ensuring that international standards are maintained and upheld. This involves the licensing and supervision of security service providers, guards, and their activities to ensure that Dubai maintains the highest levels of safety and security.

CCTV installation guidelines of SIRA

SIRA has issued a detailed set of recommendations for the installation of CCTV systems in Dubai. Some essential points are as follows:


  • SIRA-approved businesses must install all CCTV systems.

  • Cameras should be placed such that they do not capture private areas that are not intended to be monitored.

  • Data storage from cameras should be kept for the minimal amount of time recommended by SIRA to ensure easy retrieval when needed.

  • To achieve clear imaging, camera quality and resolution should match SIRA standards.

  • Certified professionals should perform regular maintenance checks.

  • To fully comprehend these criteria, it is critical to refer to the most recent official SIRA literature or consult with a SIRA-approved CCTV installation company in Dubai.

Steps to get SIRA approval

Obtaining SIRA permission entails a series of steps:

    1. Individuals or firms must first complete a SIRA training program, which is meant to provide them with the necessary information about Dubai's security sector standards.

    2. Documentation: Submit the required paperwork, which may include business licenses, IDs, and other essential certifications.

    3. Inspection: For individuals applying to be security service providers, an inspection of their facilities and operations may be done to establish conformity with SIRA standards.

    4. Examination: Following training, personnel must pass a SIRA examination to demonstrate their comprehension of the regulations and standards.

    5. License Issuance: After completing all of the preceding stages, SIRA will issue the required approvals or licenses.


Best SIRA Approved CCTV Companies in Dubai

CCTV Camera Installation is one of the best CCTV installation businesses in Dubai, thanks to modern technology, outstanding customer service, and a diverse range of brands. It provides customized solutions as well as 24-hour monitoring. The company has also installed CCTV camera systems in homes, offices, shops, hotels, corporate headquarters, universities and colleges, and private residences.

CCTV Cameras in Dubai Can Help Control Crime and Burglary To Some Extent

According to a recent survey and accessible data, Dubai has ranked first in the world for the installation of CCTVs at nearly every road and major intersection in marketplaces, residential neighborhoods, and even in many other locations. The installation of a big number of cameras will be quite beneficial in terms of crime control. People are taking steps to secure their spaces, houses, and business properties in response to the government's move toward safety and security. They also opt for modern CCTV cameras in Dubai that can provide a clear image even at night and in low-light conditions.


IP CCTV cameras

The IP surveillance system that we supply as the top CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai produces the highest quality images available today. IP CCTV systems provide numerous advantages and functionalities that are only possible with digital technology. High image quality, including HD and now 4K, captures crystal clear images with correct color representation, making them excellent for viewing true events live or in playback.



CCTV Solutions provides 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring of systems across the country from our state-of-the-art operations center in Dubai.


CCTV Leasing

We, the leading CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai, design and install permanent or temporary security systems to secure any place, regardless of the peculiarities. could the facility lack power or an internet connection, could CCTV analytical or PIR Detection technology, Mobile CCTV Towers, or Wireless Security systems be used? The advantages include no or low upfront installation costs and economical weekly leasing packages.

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