Which Eyeliner is Best Liquid or Pencil?

When it comes to enhancing your eyes and creating captivating looks, eyeliner is a must-have in your makeup arsenal. But with so many options available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. One of the most common dilemmas is choosing between liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. In this friendly and informative blog, we'll explore the types of eyeliners, discuss the pros and cons of both liquid and pencil eyeliners, consider different skin types and preferences, and share some application techniques. Plus, we'll focus on a keyword that's on everyone's mind: long-lasting eyeliner.

Types of Eyeliners

Before diving into the pros and cons, let's understand the basics. There are two primary types of eyeliners: liquid and pencil.

Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner offers precision and bold lines. It's perfect for achieving sharp and dramatic looks. Liquid eyeliner typically comes in a tube with a fine brush or felt-tip applicator.

Pencil Eyeliner: Pencil eyeliner, on the other hand, is known for its ease of use. It's great for smudging, creating softer lines, and achieving a more subtle appearance. Pencil eyeliners are usually available in pencil or retractable form.

Liquid Eyeliner: Pros and Cons


Precision: Liquid eyeliner allows for precise lines and sharp wings.

Longevity: Many liquid eyeliners are formulated to be long-lasting.

Variety: It comes in various finishes, from matte to glossy.


Learning Curve: Beginners may find it challenging to apply liquid eyeliner.

Drying Time: It may take a bit longer to dry, increasing the chance of smudging during application.

Removal: Some liquid eyeliners can be stubborn to remove.

Pencil Eyeliner: Pros and Cons


Ease of Use: Pencil eyeliners are user-friendly and great for beginners.

Smudging: They're perfect for creating smoky or smudged looks.

Gentler: Pencil eyeliners are typically gentler on sensitive eyes.


Precision: Achieving precise lines can be a bit challenging with pencil eyeliners.

Durability: They may not stay put as long as liquid eyeliners without touch-ups.

Variety: Pencil eyeliners may have fewer finish options compared to liquid ones.

Skin Types and Preferences

Your skin type and personal preferences can influence your eyeliner choice. If you have oily eyelids, you might lean towards long-lasting eyeliner, as it's less likely to smudge. On the other hand, those with dry or sensitive skin may find pencil eyeliner more comfortable.

Application Techniques

Regardless of the type you choose, here are some simple application techniques to make your eyeliner last longer:

Prime You’re Lids: Start with an eyeshadow primer to create a smooth canvas for your eyeliner.

Set with Powder: Gently set your eyeliner with matching eyeshadow to prevent smudging.

Use Small Strokes: Whether it's a pencil or liquid, use small strokes for better control.

Experiment: Don't be afraid to try both types to see which one works best for your style and needs.

The best eyeliner—whether liquid or pencil—depends on your preferences, skin type, and the look you want to achieve. Keep in mind that using a long-lasting eyeliner will help your makeup stay fresh throughout the day or night. So, experiment, have fun, and create the perfect eyeliner look that suits you best!

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