Healthcare App Development: The Problems Your App Must Solve

The healthcare industry has reached new heights, with an estimated $10 trillion in spending by 2022. Healthcare technology has grown and evolved to become a crucial area for hospitals, care providers, and other healthcare institutions. Healthcare app development is gaining popularity as healthcare facilitators strive to improve the care delivery outcomes of a connected generation.

The healthcare technology you offer should not be the basis for its design. It should be determined by the problems it solves for users. Apps for healthcare must be useful and allow users to solve health issues without having to visit a medical facility.

The efficiency of healthcare facilities will improve with the introduction of new applications. The applications allow doctors and clinicians to see more patients each day. The administrative staff can better manage and handle the facility with the time they save.

We recommend that you start with the basics if you have decided to create a mobile healthcare app for your service. We will describe in this article the problems your healthcare app needs to solve for users.

Healthcare App Development Should Focus on Solving Problems

A healthcare app can be a great promotional tool. However, it should not be restricted to that. Monitoring health is easier with gadgets such as Fitbits and smartwatches. When hiring a healthcare application development company, make sure they can help you solve the problems listed below with your app.

Patient Data Problem

The management of patient data is an important feature in healthcare technology. Even today, data on patients is mishandled and lost. This can lead to incorrect diagnoses and wrong treatments.

Your mobile healthcare app must be focused on managing patient data electronically. The data must be stored on the cloud so that other facilities, clinicians, or pharmacists can access it and make informed decisions.

Cloud-based applications allow for real-time management of data that can be accessed by all stakeholders involved in the application. AI-based apps can help doctors make quick decisions and predict diseases when the medical history of a patient is readily available and accessible at all times.

Remote Assistance Problem

Remote assistance is another major challenge that healthcare applications should address. Even in this technological age, many people prefer to go to the clinic when they have a question about their health. This wastes the time of doctors, and can also lead to unneeded costs for both the patient and facility.

The application should focus on remote assistance for patients. Patients should be able to get answers to their common questions, communicate with clinicians via the Internet, and contact healthcare facilities in an emergency.

The mobile application allows patients to receive a diagnosis from doctors who are located miles away. This mobile app should help people who are unable to travel to get quality treatment.

Mediclaim Management Problems

Mediclaim management can be a pain and an inconvenience for patients. The claim process is delayed by hundreds of confusing formalities. It can lead to unresolved claims and wrongful claims. Patients may feel they've been treated unfairly by the facility.

The development of healthcare apps must include a feature that allows for the quick management of media claims for their patients. Doctors and clinicians can enter treatment details in electronic health records for claims processing. Patients can also enter their details for mediclaim profiles, which are then integrated with treatment information to get a quick estimate.

It is hard for doctors to fill out forms. A mobile app will allow doctors to quickly fill out the fields with predetermined details. It will save both time and money and allow for more patients to receive treatment in a short period.

Artoon's Mobile App can help you solve healthcare challenges

Most healthcare facilities today are focusing on pushing out their services via a mobile app. The application does not solve any problems, but it boasts about the discounts and services that users can take advantage of during their visit.

You can increase your customer base by focusing on major problems that users face. Once these problems are solved, you will gain a reputation for being a technology-advanced facility.

Artoon Solutions, a professional healthcare app development company, focuses on creating high-quality apps that help facilities solve problems with care delivery.

Artoon Solutions is a team of over 70 engineers that builds enterprise applications.

We are also experts in RPA and AI, Django JavaScript, ReactJS, JavaScript, and RPA.


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