6 Health Hacks We All Must Know


Top 6 Health Hacks. Here you go:

1.       Manage your sleep-wake time

 Health hacks

Our body has an inbuilt mechanism of timing and all body functions work synchronously remembering that particular timing format. When we disrupt that timing, we are likely to suffer from its consequences. The result- sickness, not feeling well, some disorder and a number of hospital visits.

Sleep is the most crucial part of our body balance. Our body needs a rest of minimum 6-8 hours. It totally depends upon the type of labor you are doing, the way you are managing it.  Sleep time must be maintained no matter what.  If you skip your regular sleep time once or twice a month, your body does not feel any trouble. But if you are habituated to alter the timings or throw yourselves on bed only after the midnight begins, you are at lose guys.  Your body doesn’t accept that positively.

It is not necessary to stay awake till late night hours. Try to manage your work and sleep early at the same time daily. This helps your body to get accustomed to the timing and relax itself nicely.


Waking up on the other hand is equally important. Sleep and wake are both inter related, if you sleep late at night, your body won’t feel like getting up and holding itself early in the morning. Now the late morning wake-up disturbs the whole new day that follows, right from you skipping your exercise, breakfast and many other activities. Your routine suffers, and so does your body.

The super helpful health hack is to stick to the saying, Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise and this really works man!!!!!!

Schedule your sleep-wake time wisely so that you get nice hours of sound sleep. No distractions while you sleep. Keep your phones and electronic gadgets away.

Surprisingly, you won’t need your alarm if your bed timings are accurate.

So, sleep early, wake up early, if you want to stay healthy.

2.       Exercise without excuse

 Exercise is the best health hack

It has become quite common to put forward a bundle of excuses to skip from exercise. You can never go around or even near the health horizon if you are an exercise –lazy guy.  You need to pull up your shoes right now! Just go and exercise. Exercise helps our whole body.  It has millions of benefit all summing up to your health and you really need to think about this, if you are the one who backs –off in the name of exercise.


IF not daily, exercise at least twice/thrice a week. Every women should do exercise once/twice a week.

Exercise is like a roadway to the health map. Just grab some healthy exercise videos and watch them if you are not pretty sure from where to start with.


Running, simple or brisk walking and jogging are all exercises that anyone can add up to their routine and enjoy the health benefits.  


Start your day with a nice warm-up. Stretch your body and whoa!  Just go and add this super health hack to your planner, you are exercising from now onwards!


3.       Chew your food properly: Each bite has its value

 Chew food health hack

Like petrol to the car, like food to the body.  Food is the fuel to our body. The normal functioning of our body is ensured when it gets proper food and nutrition.  Food satisfies our appetite but when the same food not necessarily promote our health. It is because we need to make sure our food turns into energy.  For this, we must chew our food properly, chew it nicely multiple times, let the saliva in your mouth mix thoroughly with the food. Do not gulp down the food that is not chewed down. It will only fill up your tummy and come out as poop. The nutrition that it has to deliver to our blood is absent when we roughly chew the food.  I always heard my granny say this thing to me whenever I used to ate in hurry, “Chew every morsel at least  32 times properly”, and I would say” I will turn old like you, if I did that way!” and we laughed.  But now I understand, she meant to chew the food many times before letting it into the food pipe.


This helps in the smooth functioning of our digestive organs.  It is also said that our immunity lies in stomach.  It is not exactly what it says. But the fact is the person who has smooth and good bowel movements are more immune as their gut absorb most of the nutrition from the food and this is the reason they have strong immune power. Such people do not fall sick often and remain healthy.  This health hack is surely going to add up to your body’s health.


So, What have you decided, Chew your food nicely next time, right, Yeah??


4.       Have at least one fresh fruit and 2-3 fresh vegetables a day: source of Vitamins and minerals

 Fruit and vegetables : health hack

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a very well-known proverb. It actually means having at least one fresh fruit. Have a fresh seasonal fruit, whichever is available in your region or locality.  Eat with its flesh or skin (depends on the fruit). Many people discard the apple skin, cucumber and carrot skin. Do not peel the skin away. It is loaded with fiber and antioxidants.

Fruits and vegetables are great source of Vitamins and minerals and you need both micronutrients to help your body perform the physiological functions normally and smoothly. Have some fresh raw salad of carrot, cucumber, avocado, tomato, etc. Eat whatever is available and feasible for your budget.

Fruits and vegetables are good for your tummy and they indirectly aid in improving and promoting your strength and immunity, respectively.

So if you want to be healthy, try this best health hack and start having at least one fresh fruit and a couple of fresh vegetables as an addition to your daily balanced diet.

Make sure “Now your basket has fresh fruits and vegetables piled up”!!! Ha ha!

5.       Fasting once a month can actually make you more productive:


Even a car engine needs rest sometime before restart.  Our body also needs to take rest.  The constant churning of food in our stomach and all other following metabolic processes need to take a pause for few hours. Try intermittent fasting. Give your stomach plenty of time to heal and repair.

Fasting has many health benefits such as it helps in reducing weight, helps your digestion get better, helps in concentration and makes you feel light weight and many more.


Observe a fast at least once every month and see the health benefits yourself!! You would start loving this health hack even more.


6.       Meditation and Yoga are the power boosters

 Yoga and meditation

Meditation and Yoga are so powerful that help by transforming our whole body. Start with basic breathing exercise called pranayama or aerobics and then later move on to the asanas or (body poses). Hire a yoga teacher or seek help from youtube experts on Yoga and Meditation.  Each Yogasan pose has its own health benefits. Stretching with concentrated breathing is the key aspect of any yogasan or pose.


Meditation is the best way of calming both your body and mind. Follow with some soulful music and mantra or melody of your choice. Choose a calm place though, where you can actually feel comfortable and easy to concentrate. Meditate daily if possible, if not at least once a week.  Nothing can be more interesting than knowing yourself and meditation does that free of cost!!!!! Exciting!


Just grab the opportunity of trying this beautiful health hack of meditation and Yoga!! There are endless opportunities to learn.  Just learn them, practice daily and repeat. You grow day by day and so does your health. Isn’t it worth trying???


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