10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water


Do you spend more time in your toilet?

Do you have problem of too much gas/flatus? Do you suffer from bloating quite often?

Are you worried about your overweight/obesity?

Are you the one who feels constipated frequently?

Worry not! All these problems have an all-in-one solution. Water.Yes, you got it right!

Water is the most essential factor contributing to our health. The health benefits of water turns magically amazing when it is consumed warm.

Amazing health benefits of warm water

Warm water is ancient home remedy for almost all major health problems. We often hear from our elders to drink warm water when we are sick or when we are having difficulty passing poop. My father too, told me right from when I was too young: “Warm water is the best for our body.”

So let us understand how the warm water offers amazing health benefits to our body:

Top 10 Amazing health benefits of drinking warm water:

1.Good for Sore throat: Helps in clearing the throat in the morning: Warm water in the morning just after waking up helps in clearing the throat. It aids in the separation of the sticky cough that is accumulated all night during sleep. Have a glass of warm water in the morning daily. It is gentle on your throat and if you are having a sore throat, warm water soothes your mucus membranes of throat giving you a good feeling. Adding a pinch of salt to the warm water and gargling aids even more in sore throat. Repeat the warm water gargles twice a day for 3 or more days to see expected results in sore throat.

2.  Good for digestion: Helps in relieving constipation: Warm water acts when consumed on empty stomach early in the morning acts on the hard stools and these makes the stool/poop to loosen and evacuate fast from the bowel. Warm water stimulates peristalsis (movement of intestines). This loosens the stool and we feel the urge to go the washroom. You can have one-two glass of warm water in the morning. Sit in the squat position for immediate effect. You can add one teaspoonful of honey to the glass of warm water. Honey is a good laxative and acts better when mixed with warm water. 

Helps in bloating: Bloating can irritate you a lot and when the problem happens frequently you experience discomfort. Don’t worry! Warm water can help out of this. Add half/one lemon juice and a pinch of black salt/rock salt to warm water to relieve the gas and bloating. Drink it in the morning.  It will make you pass the poop easily and remove any excess gas or flatus from the bowels.

3.  Improves blood circulation: Water is good for circulation. Our blood consists of 90 percent water. Water acts as a medium for exchange of minerals, vitamins, other nutrients across the blood vessels. When you consume enough water, you are maintaining good amount or volume of blood and this helps in effective blood circulation throughout in our body.

4.  Improves body metabolism: Water is necessary for the metabolic functions such as digestion and absorption of food, production and excretion of urine, production of feces, etc. When you drink warm water, it aids in the body’s metabolism.

5.  Good for your kidneys: Kidneys function to filter the blood. Kidneys play a great role in removing waste from your blood. They produce urine which consists of uric acid, urea, ammonia and other water soluble waste materials. Having enough amount of warm water throughout the day can help your kidneys do a great job. Warm water removes waste and toxins from the blood.

6.Protects from infections: Boiled water can be used for drinking after letting it cool down or keeping it lukewarm. This helps in preventing the body fro, infectious agents. Many respiratory illness cause germs to gather in your throat and upper airway. Having warm water at regular intervals may help you protect yourself from upper respiratory tract illness and any gastrointestinal infections, too.  When we use boiled water, we make sure that it is hygienic and germ-free. Boiling kills 99.9% bacteria and other germs. In this way we prevent any germs to gain entry into our tummy/stomach.

7.Improves skin and muscle tone: Warm water is good for skin and muscles. It can help your sore muscles. Warm water naturally acts in the body to remove toxins which helps you gain a glowing skin. IT clears your skin naturally from harmful toxins by inducing the sweat process. Your muscles also can benefit if you are drinking warm water. Apart from drinking, you can immerse your sore/affected extremities in a tub of warm water along with the rock salt. It helps in vasodilation or expansion of the blood vessels. This improves the blood flow to the muscles and relieves pain and soreness of muscles.

8.  Gives a refreshing start to your day: Warm water can rejuvenate your day and give a kicking start. A glass of warm water is all you need to feel light and relaxed for the rest of your day. You would need to form a habit pattern of consuming warm water to see its amazing effects.

9.   Aids in weight loss: Warm water helps in speeding up the metabolism. It thus helps in reducing the excess fat from your body. You can reduce your belly fat by drinking warm water daily twice or throughout the day, whichever is comfortable to you. Adding a teaspoonful of honey with lemon-juice in a glass of warm, water can aid in weight loss. Have it early in the morning in squatting position.  It needs a lot of patience to see any reduction in weight. Exercise and yoga, aerobics and walking, etc. along with dietary control can speed up the weight loss.  Many experts and yoga trainers believe that warm water can prove to be a miracle remedy to cut down those extra pounds off your weight.

10.   Improves your concentration and mood: Having a cup of warm water with lemon juice helps in improving your concentration and mood. You feel it good and find it easy to concentrate on your work. Form it as a habit and you would be actually able to see the results.  People who drink warm water are more free-minded and have a happy mood. This may be due to the good clearance of bowel and removal of the toxins from the body.

Warm water can be amazingly beneficial in a lot of ways to our body. It is not a thing of a day or two. You need to practice it and develop a daily habit. You could see the desired results only if you are doing it the right way and almost daily. It is pretty much important to maintain the water intake levels-not too much not too less. Know your body’s needs or talk to some expert who can help you. Water should never be consumed too hot or too cold. It is best to have a glass of warm water in the morning on waking up and thereafter switching to lukewarm water all the day round. 


So, what do you think after knowing these amazing health benefits of water? A cup of coffee/tea or a cup of……warm water!!!!! 

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